Information Gathering

Hackers For Charity

Quoting from Syngress Penetration Testers toolkit ,”Information gathering is the most misunderstood stage in the penetration testing process”. This is the stage where we try to get as much information about the taget as possible. Thanks to Jonny Long for “Google hacking” and to Sensepost for comming up with tools like jarf-dns and dns-brute to bruteforce domains, but hats off to Roelf T and the team at Paterva for comming up with Maltego. At a first glance Maltego seems quite simple , but when you study it deeper and use it abit, it becomes the ultimate tool for information gathering. Maltego is able to create transforms for email address, sub domains, blogs,does information correlation and a lot more cools stuff. You must check it out. If you have no idea where to begin with maltego, these videos will do

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