Nokia n900

Hackers For Charity

I finally managed to get my hands on a Nokia n900 series. I will let the pictures do the talking, but it is just the most awesome phone to have. I had so much fun configuring it to work as my ultimate pentesting phone. Packet injection works ok, so many pentesting tools can be installed. Enjoy my phones screenshots. There is a series for “weaponizing the nokia n900” and also there are interesting tutorials at the following links:

The innocent looking phone.

My “desktop”

The debian lxde and you can also chroot to /home. I love the game crazy chicken. Really easy and fun to play.Dont judge me πŸ™‚

looks familiar ? M still testing and reconfiguring most tools from my backtrack distro.

Metasploit on the n900, need i say more …….

Yes thats meterpreter πŸ™‚

Ettercap for mitm. Its possible to combine this with ssltrip πŸ™‚

Packet Injection works with the bleeding-edge wl1251 driver

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