Hackers For Charity

Last year at Dojocon, Dave Marcus gave a really awesome talk about Using Social Networks To Profile, Find and 0wn Your Victims. During the video, he was able to track a person from twitter geodata a person using loic to peform a distributed denian of service (ddos) .
Guess what, now there is a software realased to do this mainstream. Thanks to Yiannis Kakavas, creepy is alive. All you need is the twitter id or Flickr username of someone. It finds phots that somebody uploaded, extracts geolocation information from these pics and maps exactly where the data came from. It is possible for you to track somebody`s movement over time and even locate their home, if they ever twweted from home. This awesome information gathering tool can be found here.
Its time to turn off gps geolaction features on our phones. Kindly read more about the tool here.
I used a friends twitter id and pulled the map below.Now that is really creepy 🙂

User interface

Feed the username and get your data.

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