Pimped by Hackers For Charity

Hackers For Charity

Just back from Uganda where I had gone for some business and also took time to visit Johnny long. He is doing well and his family is ok although he really needs your support. Today is the last day to vote for drobos so keep voting for HFC. http://www.hackersforcharity.org/hackers-for-charity/saving-lives-1-drobo-at-a-time/
I also saw Sophos challenging lulzsec to follow in the way of Johnny long. Wouldnt that be something . http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/06/16/lulzsec-hackers-heres-a-real-challenge/
It is always a pleasure meeting such a great and humble person like Johnny.Apart from catching up with Johnny and he gave me so much gear and swag. Here are some photos.

Johnny on “the beast”.He was beaten to the finish line by the guy on the far left carrying two bags of charcoal. 🙂 Its now easier to navigate Jinja with this bike. It was a miracle how Johnny got it, i guess he will soon blog about it.

Johnny`s presentation badge for Shmoocon 🙂 and notice the cool red blackhat bag.

Shmoo mouse pad

Some hardware hacking stuff, you had to program it to read ninja party to be allowed to the party

This shirt is to kill for.. literally . It is a collectors item that has a different logo at the back. It was specifically for the shmoocon conference. I am honored to get this.

HFC stickers to spread the word to all the world

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