To pwn with pwnimage or not to on the nokia n900

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Pwineexpress has just released the pwnimage for the nokian900 to the community. The pwnimage is an easy to use customized n900 suited for pentests. It contains some tools you would find in backtrack. I got some time today and installed the image to my phone. Below is a screenshot. The question I have is do I use this pwnimage or do I use my manually customized n900

Reasons for the pwnimage
The image comes with presinstalled tools and easy to use shortcuts on the desktop that start applications fast. such as wifizoo,packet injection,sslstrip,metasploit.nmap,fake ap etc. This saves time for any pentester . With just a single click most these tools will run.Its awesome

Reasons against pwnimage
There is a licence agreement that you cannot reverse engineer the software etc which is a little peculiar because most of these software is under gnu or bsd licence.
I try to be paranoid, not running on not so common platforms because of backdoors ,etc

My conclusion: I will use the pwnimage, first it is a really good idea to have your n900 setup in such an easy mode to pwn for any pentest. I remember when backtrack v1 was released back then, some people argued that you could compile all those packages alone. Right now backtrack is the most widely used pentesting distro. Its not that I cannot run ./configure;make;make install or apt-get install, I love spending some sleepless nights trying to tweak my n900, its just the time saved and bringing all these packages together to work perfectly takes skill and takes time.
Several projects have come up such as Neopwn which was a little hypped up but we havent seen anything come out of it. I can run backtrack 5 on my n900 but is is a little too slow and the screen calibration on my n900 is really not just working perfectly.
Aside from the fears i know if we the “community” can really pick up this pwnimage and improve it m sure there`s better things in the future for the n900. Thanks to pwineexpress for releasing this. I choose to pwn.

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3 Responses to To pwn with pwnimage or not to on the nokia n900

  1. ch!m3ra says:

    dude what are you up to !? let me confess though have not felt the sensation of this cute phone but from the screen shots are the cooolest have ever seen They are wonderful for a showdown and swag and I guess the functionality is brilliant as well I mean it

  2. watathi says:

    The guys at pwineexpress are the guys to thank for such an awesome image. when you are free I can show you the “cool” phone

  3. HackP says:

    The N900 is a bit outdated as is pwnie. Neopwn ( has announce support several newer phones and tablets, including most of the new Samsungs.

    We’ll see how it goes.

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